Treasury Management Solutions

Take treasury management further. Prepaid payroll, purchasing and reward card programs.

Commercial banking customers need a complete package of payment solutions from their financial institution. Prepaid Technologies helps banks become a one-stop shop with prepaid treasury management solutions.

Prepaid Technologies makes prepaid easy by managing all of the systems, processes, technology and regulatory considerations behind every program so you can minimize the time and resources spent on day-to-day product and technology management.

Payroll Card Programs

Employees are using cards and electronic payment programs more than ever before. The days of the paycheck are numbered, and banks can lead the way by enabling seamless payroll card programs for business customers. Payroll cards reduce the cost and time associated with administering, distributing and managing payroll issues, and allow employees to receive payments electronically.

Prepaid Technologies helps hundreds of banks offer comprehensive payroll card programs to business customers. We deliver unmatched industry expertise, partner support, and personal service.

We define success by the strength of our most important relationship – yours.

Add payroll cards to your treasury management portfolio

Banks that offer payroll programs to business customers drive loyalty and retention by integrating the program into existing direct deposit systems. Prepaid Technologies makes it easy and cost-effective:

  • No set-up fees
  • Customized training / onboarding
  • Free cards
  • Free ATMS
  • Integrates with existing bank direct deposit systems
  • On-shore resolution
  • No reconciling

Add purchasing cards to your commercial product line

Purchasing cards don’t replace bank credit programs, they supplement them – serving a valuable audience that may not have access to, or want to use credit. Adding a prepaid purchasing card to your treasury management product portfolio allows banks to acquire and retain more business customers.

  • Automate and streamline expense payments
  • Better tracking and reporting of spending trends
  • Eliminate petty cash
  • Replace manual check reimbursements


No personal liability. Control costs and risk.

Are your small business customers hesitant to take on personal liability for a corporate credit card? Purchase cards eliminate this challenge entirely. Because they are a pre-loaded, prepaid payment tool, employees can only spend what’s on the card, and business owners keep costs – and risk – under control.

We make it easy to offer reward/incentive card programs

Studies show that employees prefer an open-loop gift card to any other type of reward or gift. Businesses use incentive cards to forge relationships with dealers and distributors and incent consumers to buy their products. But these programs often require additional branch-level resources to accommodate seasonal demand and other fluctuation.

Prepaid Technologies helps banks eliminate this resource strain and deliver high-value, customized incentive and reward card programs to business customers.

Offer reward/incentive cards to your business customers

Our cost-effective, turnkey solution helps business account-holders recruit, recognize and motivate employees, and deepen customer loyalty.

  • Custom / white label corporate order tool
  • End-user self-service
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing bank systems
  • Bulk card delivery or mail to individual account holders
  • Cards can be single-load or reloadable
  • Pricing based on program volume
  • 4-color, customized cards and collateral, providing in-wallet branding opportunities as well as program message delivery

Make payments simple in any industry

  • Restaurants
  • Home Health
  • Trucking and Operations
  • Property Management
  • Construction Companies
  • Event Management
  • Corporate Sales

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