Rethinking a Rebate: Zodiac Pool Systems

Zodiac Pool Systems

Prepaid Technologies was approached by Zodiac Pool Systems to fully automate, manage and deploy a national consumer rebate and incentive promotion.

During a short go-to-market window in support of their sales and promotional schedule, Zodiac wanted to fully automate the settlement and fulfillment process for a large consumer rebates program, eliminating manual functions for both customers and employees.

In only six weeks, Prepaid Technologies used API and iFrame solutions to build a custom system that allows consumers to submit online rebate requests, which Zodiac can approve based on specific program criteria, and once approved, provides formatted reports to Zodiac corporate and process the rebate card for production and fulfillment.

In that same timeframe, Prepaid Technologies also developed all program design and creative, obtained program approval from both the issuing bank and network, and implemented the program in a live environment.

Zodiac has been running the program with Prepaid Technologies for more than five years and the program continues to be a great success.

Zodiac Pool system has since expanded their relationship with Prepaid Technologies by introducing a Zodiac-branded reloadable card program for their national network of distribution partners, stores and sales teams allowing these entities to earn ongoing incentive dollars for performance.

Creativity, automation and quick problem-solving allowed this program to be a success for Zodiac, their customers and Prepaid Technologies.

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