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Take control of spending and eliminate petty cash with corporate purchasing cards.

Prepaid Technologies works with businesses to modernize inefficient corporate purchasing practices. Our prepaid purchasing cards provide an elegant solution for companies who want to streamline their business expense programs, reduce costs and improve accounts payable performance.

Prepaid Technologies provides cutting-edge purchasing card technology and nimble program management for businesses looking to streamline corporate purchasing.


We implement and quarterback prepaid card programs that provide employees with purchasing power while giving employers better financial control and access to real-time transaction history. Our electronic purchasing solutions reduce manual processes by eliminating paper checks, expense reporting, manual reconciliation, and petty cash.

Prepaid purchasing cards help your business
get more out of Accounts Payable.

Accounts payable departments are always looking to reduce cost, control risk and be more efficient. Prepaid corporate purchasing cards deliver all three benefits and eliminate inefficient payments processes.


    Stop distributing cash or checks, reduce check fraud and costs associated with lost or stolen checks


    Select card funding amounts, restrict cash access


    Electronic payments and online payment tracking make purchasing easy and accountable.


    Use online or mobile tools to manage expenses from anywhere


    Customized branding available for purchasing cards


    Easily deliver per-diem and recurring stipend payments

Our technology solution can accommodate any size order or program. Through high-touch communication and nimble customer service, we make sure you receive precisely what you ask for, every time.

Transfer your business expenses to prepaid today.

The technology, infrastructure and expertise to streamline expenses and corporate purchasing

Prepaid Technologies has been a leader in corporate purchasing programs since 1998, helping hundreds of businesses streamline purchasing and drive growth. We combine deep business relationships and payments systems knowledge to deliver valuable corporate purchasing solutions to companies of any size.

Take control of business expenses

  • Maintain control of spend with real-time transaction posting
  • More controls than credit: set budget and recurring stipends or move funds instantly

Manage funds and limit spending

  • Spending is limited to exactly what you provide the employee
  • Return funds back to the master account in seconds

Easily Fund and Track Cards

  • Fund cards from your business bank account
  • Real-time funds from your mobile phone or online

Simple to get started

  • Real-time tracking and reporting makes oversight a breeze

How do prepaid purchasing cards replace petty cash, employee reimbursements and credit cards?

Prepaid purchasing cards are the better choice in almost any purchasing situation:

  • Travel and entertainment
  • Business meetings and functions
  • Per-diem and relocation expenses
  • Project expenses
  • Property management expenses

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Major brands like Popeye’s and Dunkin’ Donuts use Prepaid Technologies to deliver secure, timely payroll payments. Learn more about how we deliver excellent program results.

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