Prepaid Technologies Delivers Family Spending Card to Junior Soccer Players Throughout the U.S.

Birmingham, AL, January 21, 2016 – Prepaid Technologies, LLC, a national provider of prepaid card solutions, in partnership with MasterCard, Quantum, SEE and SAJE, has helped deliver a first of its kind payment card program for soccer clubs across the country.

The card program uses a web-based system to provide players and their families a secure and convenient way to manage expenses associated with team travel, training and competitive play.

“The average per-family cost for a player engaged in competitive soccer is $4,000 per year,” said said Stephen Faust, president Prepaid Technologies. “And families need simple and secure ways to fund year-round activities including travel and tournament play.”

The program will be introduced to players throughout the more than 24,000 club teams nationally, and includes the desktop website and a mobile app.

“There are approximately 10 million youth and young adults (ages 6-21) playing club soccer in the United States,” said Tommy McCulley, CEO Prepaid Technologies. “Through this innovative partnership, we expect to be serving more than 1 million of these players within the next 12 months.”

Players’ families simply load money to a secure account, which does not have to be directly attached to a bank account. There is no credit check required to open the account, which can be funded by the parent.  The parent can use their card or share funds in real time with their child. Cards can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted, and only funds that have been previously loaded on the card may be spent – making the program a smart budgeting tool for players and their families.

The card program also helps players learn about how to spend using plastic in two ways: through card use and through the MasterCard “Your Money Smarter” SMS text message-based financial literacy program. Participating cardholders benefit from incentives and rewards including signed memorabilia, tickets to games, discounts, and many other exciting added-value benefits.

Teams and players can visit to sign up or for more information.

Cards are issued by CenterState Bank of Florida, NA pursuant to a license from MasterCard International.

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