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Prepaid Technologies makes it easy to customize and order reward cards, incentive cards and gift cards online. Choose your card design, amounts, and even custom branding and have them delivered right to your desk or individual cardholders. Reloadable incentive cards are great for ongoing sales and service incentives, employee wellness programs, and more.

Our top monthly service performers get bonuses right on their company rewards card. My service team loves that they can spend their extra pay any way they want.

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Why order employee and customer gift and reward cards online?

  • Easy to order, easy to track online and via mobile
  • Choose any card value
  • Deliver almost anywhere
  • Dedicated US account support team
  • Reload cards online for ongoing incentives and rewards
  • Custom cards put your brand in their hands

Prepaid Technologies:
Your business partner for prepaid cards.

We solve our clients most pressing needs in reward, incentive, payroll, gift and corporate purchasing cards. For 20 years, we’ve been more than a partner to hundreds of businesses, making payments and rewards programs easier.

Our clients count on Prepaid Technologies to implement payments and rewards programs that drive their business, all with the latest payments technology, security and personal touch.