How Electronic Payments Can Support Home Health Professionals

During this unprecedented time, home healthcare providers are faced with a number of challenges. How they receive their wages in a timely and secure manner and how they manage expenses should not distract them from their number one priority – ensuring that their patients receive the best care.

Automating wage payment and expense processes is a way for employers to reduce costs; Front-line healthcare employees share these same priorities. Going fully digital in the delivery of paychecks and everyday expenses is a win for both home health providers and professionals.

Prepaid Technologies provides solution fits for two key opportunities in a time where business needs are changing in the healthcare landscape:

Payroll & Wage Solutions

As social distancing becomes the norm, and exposure to public work settings becomes less desirable, payroll checks and the challenges associated with distributing, encashing and spending become more evident. Electronic paycard solutions:

  • Eliminate the need for check runs and distribution costs
  • Can be funded directly via ACH or through real-time money movement
  • Allow workers to access funds, shop or pay bills online or via a mobile app

Expense Management

Home health providers often rely heavily on petty cash or expense reimbursements to run day-to-day business activities. During a time of crisis, employers need a faster, more reliable way to keep cash flow moving without losing the ability to track and reconcile expenditures. This is especially important for business-critical functions whose normal operations have been disrupted. Purchasing and expense management cards:

  • Provide a means for instant disbursement of funds
  • Help eliminate the hassle of issuing checks and calculating expenses
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing direct deposit accounts
  • Allow employers to gain control of costs and programs in real time by increasing, decreasing, canceling, freezing or adding funds from their desktop or mobile app

In a time of uncertainty and quickly changing needs, the ability to tap into digital payroll and expense management, and streamline tracking and reporting can save time, money and improve the experience for remote workers. Prepaid Technologies revolutionizes payroll and expense management services with customized electronic card programs that improve bottom line performance and provide value to employees. Stay up-to-date on the latest business impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak, and learn more about how we can support a shift to digital payments quickly and easily by clicking here.

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