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Payment technology designed with your university in mind. Breathe easy and transform payment headaches for your athletics program, or any other university branch into a smooth, flexible process. Ommmmmm.

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Staying Mindful of Your Team’s Money Has Never Been Easier

Efficient, Streamlined Operations

The dash payments solution easily embeds into your existing AP system. No checks mean no risk of check fraud; no cash keeps every penny accounted for. Streamline compliance and reporting to give your admin team time to do more important tasks.

Real-Time Payments

One easy-to-use card that delivers per diems in the format players are used to. No need to keep track of cash. They get the money they need, when they need it in a modern, efficient way.

Enhanced Reporting and Reconciliation

Cards are loaded with funds remotely, instantly – your entire team’s per diem handled all at once. University and NCAA rules can be built in to make compliance easy. One less thing for coaches and coordinators to worry about.

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