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Cashless disbursements for easy distribution in your tribal governments.
Ideal for the unique demands of governing.

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We Simplify Payments So Your Citizens Get More Control Over Their Money

Delivering Simple Solutions

A portable, easy-to-use payment solution that’s completely inclusive of all demographics. Funds can be loaded instantly, remotely, and without the need to issue paper checks to your citizens. No risk of checks lost in the mail, no fees for cashing them, no need even for a bank account.

Protecting your tribe

Removing paper checks from your payment processes removes the risk of check fraud, and cash can be hard to track and easy to misplace. Prepaid disbursement cards help keep your processes secure and take at least one burden from your day, giving you the peace of mind you need to focus elsewhere.

Streamlining administration

dashDisbursement integrates seamlessly into your existing systems so there’s no delay in getting funds to your citizens when they need them. And its ease and simplicity give your team countless hours back to concentrate on other responsibilities.

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