Save Money, Improve Patient Experience and Find Payments Zen

With dashDisbursements for healthcare, manual and paper-based financial transactions are a thing of the past. From clinical trial stipends to health and wellness disbursements to reconciliation payments, Prepaid Technologies provides patients with a hassle-free, intuitive, and personalized payments experience. Ommmmmm.

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Payments Zen for Everyone Your Healthcare Brand Touches

Supports Any Level of Complexity

We recognize no two healthcare organizations are the same. Are you  running clinical trials? Are you a small healthcare facility? Or a large healthcare or health insurance organization? Prepaid Technologies has a suite of solutions to make secure delivery of funds easy.

Convenient For Users

The dash card doesn’t require a bank account, and funds can be loaded and tracked anywhere, at any time. Spend less time chasing payment information and more time on important tasks. No more complicated processes. No more waiting for paper checks. No more cumbersome replacement loops or escheatment processes.

Easy Integration

The dash card can quickly integrate with your existing accounts payable system. Plus, you can easily track activity, see your payments activity with transparency, and even integrate with your native AP or Care platforms.

Streamline Your Healthcare
Organization’s Disbursements

Our years of experience and proven success in streamlining payments allows your organization
to run efficiently, improve employee satisfaction and ensure that your patients are properly taken care of.

Our Perspectives on Payments

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