Helping Businesses Achieve Payments Zen

Take checks out of your system and embrace a cost-effective and immediate way to send payments. Let us take the stress out of delivering funds to individuals and other businesses so you can embrace the calm.

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Payments Zen for Everyone Your Brand Touches

Technology Driven

No more paper checks and reams of paper to deal with. Our prepaid disbursement cards integrate easily into your existing technology, relieving the administrative burden and getting funds more swiftly to whoever it is your business needs to pay.

Security Focused

dashDisbursement increases peace of mind and security—no cash to misplace and no risk of check fraud. Everything is handled via a user-friendly portal that makes the payment process secure and accessible.

Streamlined and Simplified

Our streamlined process means payments management and reconciliation are much easier. Your teams will have more time to focus on other important tasks, and payees will appreciate the added speed and efficiency.

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Our Perspectives on Payments

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