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Payroll Compliance

We are payroll experts and compliance specialists.

We’ve spent two decades running compliant payments and rewards programs – so that you don’t have to.

dash™Payroll adheres to all applicable federal and state regulations, as well as industry compliance requirements. You can count on Prepaid Technologies to be a fully-compliant and trusted partner.

State-by-state Compliance

We ensure that each program complies with applicable state laws, including adherence to requirements for consent, availability of paper checks, regulations for payroll card fees and more. Have questions about payroll programs in a specific state? Contact us!

A Team Effort

We collaborate with all partners across the life of the card to ensure compliance and security are handled. From the card issuer to processors, distributors and payment networks, dash works with each partner to follow all card program rules and regulations, which means you don’t have to.

Risk Management

We provide ongoing monitoring of accounts and activity to ensure card program compliance and security. Our monthly activity reports help us quickly identify and mitigate issues of fraud.

Still have compliance questions? Get in touch!