Card with a Cause: Pepsi

Pepsi Refresh Project
In 2010, Pepsi Corporation was looking for a creative way to enhance the Pepsi Refresh America campaign – a social impact initiative that allowed everyday people to propose and vote on ideas to make a positive impact on a community or cause.

The program generated thousands of ideas each month and Pepsi needed a smart, efficient way to deliver grants to the thousands of selected recipients across the country.

Pepsi worked with Prepaid Technologies to create a Pepsi-branded custom reloadable prepaid card that was used to fund stipends throughout the life of the program. The cards were branded with the words “DO GOOD,” which acted as an in-wallet billboard reminding participants how important these dollars were to help Refresh America.

Recipients could use card funds to make purchases and access cash as needed. Reporting was crucial to ensure that program funds were being used as intended, and Prepaid Technologies quickly and easily met all reporting requirements to enable a successful go-to-market.

Pepsi was thrilled with the quick setup time, ease of use in market, and detailed program oversight through Prepaid Technologies online applications and reporting capabilities.

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