A Stage For Prepaid: C3 Events

National event planner C3 Events manages large-scale public and privately-sponsored festivals, concerts and functions across the country, where operational expenses can fluctuate significantly.

The company came to Prepaid Technologies for a solution to manage this challenge: find a better way to get money to authorized event staff onsite while maintaining spending control from corporate headquarters, without opening lines of credit required by corporate credit cards solutions. C3 also needed a way to add or remove funds in real time when they under or over-budgeted. Prepaid Technologies leveraged our Corporate inCard product to easily address C3’s challenges.

C3 orders cards embossed with the company name for authorized staff, and uses our secure online application to move money on and off cards in real time as budget needs fluctuate. Event staff can call corporate headquarters with unexpected needs from the site and authorized personnel can load money to cards on the spot.

Card use is monitored live online from the central office, reducing the administrative burden for expense tracking. When events conclude, the corporate office takes all the headaches out of event expense management and enables C3 to focus on creating the best experience for its event attendees.

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